About Us

Team 8SIX8 was created on the 26th July 2021 by DJ Poonie with the aim of not only highlighting Trinbagonian streamers but to help support them. Being the first and at that time only Trinbagonian "Twitch Partner" he found himself in the unique position of not only being able to create a team but having the experience of the whole streaming process to help mentor and share with the community.

We continue to grow and strengthen every day due to efforts within the community. Some noteworthy contributions were done by:-

  • Nigoshi & Wotless setting up our Discord Server, through their research and efforts compiling a huge list of Trinbagonian Twitch streamers for us to contact.
  • TriniPowerUp building web based tools and services for the community.

Latest News

  • Nada!

How to Join

Currently the only requirements are:-

  1. You were born in T&T or live there
  2. You auto host some of the team whenever you are offline
  3. You will need to join the Discord server and change your name to your twitch name. Make sure to read the "team-requirements" channel and post your twitch name in the "team-links" channel.

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